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Market America Distributor Kevin MastawThat some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well. - Abraham Lincoln.


I don't know how you found this site, but since you're here let me tell you what it's about.

This site was built so that you can learn all there is to know about the company, Market America, the UnFranchise® System and the opportunity it offers you to earn a substantial income working part-time (8-15 hours per week) without having to give up what you're currently doing.

If you don't believe that, watch the Step 1-3 videos, above. While you're watching ask yourself these questions, "does this make common sense?" and "does this make business sense?" If you don't have any common sense or business sense, use what sense you do have to evaluate it.

What is a "substantial income"? That really is up to you. For some people a $300 a month check is substantial. For some people, nothing less than $1,000,000 per year is substantial.

The Market America UnFranchise® Compensation Plan is designed for busy professionals to be able to earn anywhere from $300 - $3,600 per week in 2 to 3 years. If that's not fast enough for you, I can show you how to speed up the process - it demands a greater time commitment but it can be done. For example watch the interview with Norm Roth and Mary Strong. They were earning six-figure incomes within a year of starting their distributorships. There have been many others who have achieved 6-figure residual incomes in that period of time but most of us keep this a part-time venture and, therefore, it takes a bit longer.

The key to developing a steady residual income as an Independent Distributor with Market America has always been the same. Our compensation is directly proportional to the volume of products and services we are able to deliver to the end consumer. But now, by leveraging technology, the hard work has been replaced by smart work. The "work" we do as a Market America Independent Distributor involves two main activities. First, we introduce our web portal,, to our potential customers and then provide top-notch customer service if and when they need our assistance. Second, we provide coaching and training to new distributors so that they can effectively serve their customers.

This "high tech, personal touch" approach has turned Market America into one of the top two internet shopping business retailers in America!

Are you wondering if this is something you could do? Find out by reviewing the Step 1 thru 3 videos above for all the details.

Market America Profiles of Success

Ty and Leigh ClintonIn February 1999, we made a decision to start our business through Market America. It's funny how one good decision to build this business can erase a lifetime of bad decisions. Before Market America, I failed in many business ventures from home, so my wife, Leigh, was very skeptical and negative about Market America when she found out that I was evaluating the UnFranchise® opportunity. I started the business and never told my wife. However, she quickly found out, so I dragged her to a seminar in February 1999 in Appleton, WI, and the rest is history. After one year building our UnFranchise business, we matched her teaching income and she resigned from teaching. Two years later I left my bartending job. We have four beautiful children who have never known a life without Market America. We are both able to stay home and raise our children. Time is all we have and the one thing we can never get back! It's priceless! We have continually watched our income increase dramatically in this volatile economy. We are very grateful for the opportunity! Thank you Market America!

- Ty Clinton, Brookfield, WI


Thanh Dombroe

I graduated with a computer science degree with delusions of wealth in the computer industry but quickly found that I had to move up the corporate ladder just to gain a sense of job security. After 10 years, I found myself downsized from a well-paying position. Luckily I had always been a firm believer of multiple streams of income.

During my tenure as a computer programmer, I started three traditional businesses, bought and sold real estate, and started my Market America UnFranchise® business. When I lost my job, I was fortunate enough to know that I had Market America to fall back on. Because I took action 14 months before I lost my job, I didn't have to go back to "Corporate America" and look for another job. I treated the UnFranchise Business Development System like one of my traditional businesses. If you treat it like a business you will earn money like you're running a business. You never know when you will need a backup plan.

Being a traditional business owner, I saw the power of Market America. I admired the ability to have a business owner to business owner relationship rather than an employer to employee relationship.

Whether you are evaluating Market America's UnFranchise business or are an UnFranchise Owner, do yourself a favor and TAKE ACTION! If you don't change, nothing will change. Everyone wants more time or more money, the question is whether or not you are willing to do something about it.

Thank you, JR and the Corporate Team, for giving us a vehicle to realize our dreams and the dreams of my family.

Thank you, Market America!

Thanh Dombroe


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